Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gray Matters
Brain Injury: The Inside Perspective

Brain injury refigures a person’s reality. Though physically, you may not be able to discern that this person has survived a brain injury, in the unseen world, this person is not a mirror reflection of you.    It is not easy to understand how a survivor’s world is different, without the right guidance.  Survivors are often misread and not understood. Their world is re-assembled; and of course, many dynamics are problematic, yet survivors usually become more genuine people.   Gray Matters is aimed at giving you the personal sense of what it is like to walk in the shoes of a brain injury survivor, so you can understand for yourself what type of personal alterations take place after going through a brain injury.
The lack of personal discernment and sensitivity regarding survivors of brain injury is what stirred me to write Gray Matters.  When others treat survivors with lack of consideration, or even look down at them for what they’re not able to do (like follow conversation or remember what was just said - and the list goes on...), this indignation drives survivors further into isolation or depression.  With Gray Matters, I am looking to familiarize my readers with what it is like to go from abled to disabled and the all-inclusive effects of brain injury, because “Knowledge births tolerance and acceptance. For survivors deserve to be granted their peace!”
The very first poem I wrote about brain injury (see below) provoked such inner reflection, that I was inspired to keep writing.  Finally, it became evident that I was writing a book. My intent is to give my readers a personal feeling, not just a cognitive library.  Yet if I use any clinical terms, definitions can be found in the glossary and other references can also be found in the bibliography; the aim is to target people to learn about brain injury.  The purpose is to present a new, uncomplicated method of understanding what happens when our brain is injured.

I am writing this just for you,

Because I intend to give you a clue,

My poetry comes from my own inner construct,
I give you markings so you can at least draw dot to dot,

I want to personally disclose this to you,
Because I want you to better understand what I speak to,

I’ve been through some life experiences that do awaken,
Well, I’ve had my noggin shaken,

That is a Traumatic Brain Injury,
And I want you to discern what it does to me,

Cerebral bruising, tearing, bleeding & swelling,
Not just mental impairments, there’s much more to be telling,

I’ll translate this into real life,
So you can understand my neurological strife.

I want you to better see,
So you can more competently talk with someone like me,

I’m not going to be playing the cosmic trickster,
I want to point you to the holistic picture,

I’m going to communicate what I can,
So people with brain injuries you can better understand -

I talk straight from the heart in my chatter,
I say this to you, because GRAY MATTERS!

Read Gray Matters and delve into the Inside Perspective of Brain Injury.  Come to know the importance of hope, support, love, faith and a good attitude!
  Survivors can gain a more complete understanding of their injury and of themselves; I have been told that reading Gray Matters has helped many to cope.   Friends and family can gain a better understanding of their loved one’s condition and how they can proactively interact. Gray Matters is uplifting and inspiring; it contains many gems!  Soak it in!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Support for Memory Issues

Fundraising Rummage Sale for the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

PLEASE DONATE TO OUR 2nd ANNUAL CHARITY YARD SALE Supporting TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) 

Meet Jacalyn - Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Jacalyn suffered a closed head injury in a car accident in February of 2008.  Her life hanging in the balance, on life support and induced into a coma to help aid the swelling of her brain, her prognosis was uncertain until she could awaken. Once she did awaken, her next obstacle was to endure extensive rehabilitation to learn how to walk, talk, and even feed herself again. Jacalyn has come a long way since the day of her accident through years of steadfastness by working on attention deficits, memory loss, motor planning, executive functioning, and developing a sense of self. 

She continues her recovery with some residual difficulties but returned to school and is now a recent graduate from the occupational therapy assistant program at Grossmont College. Her empathy and shared experiences will be valuable in her field. After receiving the help from her rehabilitation team and Grossmont OT instructors, her goal now is to help others recover and rehabilitate from traumatic brain injuries. This fundraiser is an important part of her journey in  helping others and spreading awareness.
Jacalyn, her friends, and family will be holding a Fundraiser Yard Sale on July 29th.  Proceeds will go to the SDBIF!
Your donations are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be provided if requested.

Kitchen Supplies     
Household Items     
Children’s Toys           
Tools & Sports Items

July 29, 2017 Yard Sale to be held in Serra Mesa: 
8701 Celestine Ave, San Diego CA 92123 

Donations can be dropped off in front of this house (near the front door/side of garage).   Pickup may also be an option, please call/text Shreece at 619-254-0542 for arrangements.  
For drop off/possible pick up in Chula Vista, please call/text Jacalyn at 619-601-6314

One thing you can count on is CHANGE!

How Well Do You Deal with the Winds of Change?